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Husband. Father. Musician. Geek. IT Pro.

I have been working in IT for 15 years. I started writing code for a health care survey processing company at 18 in the pre-Y2K madness. I did that for a couple years and then transitioned into Infrastructure working with NT 4, Novell Netware 4, Winframe 1.6, Exchange 5.5. and SQL 7.  I earned my MCSE NT4 and CNE 5 in 1999.

In 2001 I entered the world of Consulting and Service Delivery where I have remained ever since. I have worked at small SMB firms and global enterprise including a 7 year stint at Big Blue. I started my consulting career focusing on Messaging, Active Directory, and Server Based Computing. 7 years ago I made the switch over to the Virtualization space where I have been working ever since.

I am fascinated by emerging technologies and how they are constantly changing the world in which we live. The rise of cloud computing, hyper-convergence, Big Data, and other tech has me constantly learning and consuming as much information as I can. This blog is intended to share some of my findings as I attempt to understand the new face of technology.

I currently live in Indianapolis, IN with my wife Brie and my two children Jack and Gretchen.

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