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The 5 Layer Model of Compute in Immutable Infrastructure

Introduction Designing systems for Immutable Infrastructure requires a deep understanding of how compute is deployed and configured in virtual and cloud environments. In order to help practitioners better understand this architectural paradigm I have created a 5 Layer Model for Compute in Immutable Infrastructure. The following is a high level overview of this model, what the layers are, and how they are deployed. It is meant to be used as… Read More »

Publishing EMC ViPR Blueprints with vCloud Automation Center Advanced Services

One Portal To Rule Them All vCloud Automation Center’s self service portal is designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for all of your cloud provisioning needs. The ultimate goal is that the service consumer is able to execute a request for the complete end to end service that meets their business need. Imagine a scenario where the service consumer is a junior sysadmin, let’s call him Ted, wants to deploy new… Read More »

Install and Configure RabbitMQ Integration with vCloud Director

Defining Automation With Messaging In today’s world of distributed systems and cloud computing  independent compute nodes need to communicate with each other to enable end to end services. The process of enabling this communication is the core of automation. In the client-server model servers generally communicated with each other via messaging services like Microsoft’s Distributed Transaction Coordinator. As systems became more complex and optimized for speed the Advanced Message Queuing… Read More »

Guide to PernixData FVP PowerShell Commands

In the past year PernixData has emerged on the virtual storage scene with their game changing FVP product. FVP utilizes server-side flash drives to create Flash Clusters across a series of vSphere hosts. This works in either Write Through or Write Back Mode. Servers can leverage any SSD in the Flash Cluster to off load writes and achieve a dramatic IOPS improvement. FVP also comes with a very nice plugin… Read More »

Analyzing vmkwarnings.log With Python

For all of the reams of documentation on the Internet about vSphere there is a surprising lack of detail about log files other than their location and purpose. After one exports a log package from a host pretty much all you can do is give it VMware support. Hopefully this will help. When you open the [email protected] file you will find several directories. Under /var/log you will find several log files.… Read More »