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The 5 Layer Model of Compute in Immutable Infrastructure

Introduction Designing systems for Immutable Infrastructure requires a deep understanding of how compute is deployed and configured in virtual and cloud environments. In order to help practitioners better understand this architectural paradigm I have created a 5 Layer Model for Compute in Immutable Infrastructure. The following is a high level overview of this model, what the layers are, and how they are deployed. It is meant to be used as… Read More »

Docker on Windows with VMware Workstation and Vagrant

Introduction My company laptop is an HP Elitebook that runs Windows 7. I’ve requested a Macbook Pro in the past, but to no avail so I am forced for various reasons to spend the majority of my time living in a Windows world. This is usually not an issue and for the most part I think that Win7 is a fine business desktop. However it is in a issue in… Read More »