Deploying OpenStack On vSphere with Fuel

My main project at work lately has been testing third party integration with VMware’s Cloud Management suite. vCAC and vCOPs both have great integration with a number of products and I am building a demo lab to showcase this to clients. When I heard that vCAC now supports integration with OpenStack as of 6.0 I was excited to get it working. 2 weeks ago I began my OpenStack journey. I… Read More »

Defining The Machine Lifecycle as a Service

A Service is a powerful thing. It is the basis for all automation and orchestration. One of the hardest things I have to do in my job is define “as a Service” to people. “X as a Service” has become a huge buzzword, yet few folks actually understand what it means. The first step in automating any task is to document it as a series of one or more services. ITIL… Read More »

Useful Linux Commands for ESXi

ESX has long had its roots in the Linux OS. Depending on the version, and who you ask, ESXi contains traces of RHEL, SLES, CentOS 3.9 and CentOS 5.3. With every release ESXi takes another step away from “standard” Linux, but the heart is still based on ld and glibc. This means Linux commands core to a standard bash shell still work. vSphere 5.x also ships with the “Swiss army… Read More »

Integrating vCloud Automation Center and AppD with Puppet

vCloud Automation Center is a powerful and exciting tool. The ability at create and automate services is only limited by your imagination. Such a powerful tool does come with a caveat, it is complex and composed of several integrated parts. There are two tools at the heart of vCACs power, vCenter Orchestrator and vFabric App Director. vCO is the perfect tool for automating workflows from managing the machine life cycle… Read More »

Rapidly Deploy Hadoop on vSphere: Part 2 – Distros

In Rapidly Deploy Hadoop on vSphere: Part 1 – Basics I discussed how to setup vSphere Big Data Extensions and deploy a Hadoop cluster using the built in Apache Hadoop 1.2.1 distribution. While this will get a basic cluster up quickly you don’t get any of the other features that come with commercial distributions. VMware has addressed this by allowing you to add other distros to vBDE manually. Once they have… Read More »

Rapidly Deploy Hadoop on vSphere: Part 1- Basics

During his remarks in the General Session at PEX 2014 VMware CTO Ben Fathi said that Hadoop clusters were part of the 20% of the enterprise data center not being virtualized. This makes a lot of sense in a use case where you have a very large data set that is either static or slowly growing. However due the adoption of ideas like “The Internet of Things”, more companies are… Read More »

EMC Virtual Lab: VIPR, VNX, and Isilon on a Soapbox

We live in strange times. People have compared nested ESXi hosts to the movie “Inception”, but that is the tip of the iceberg. In this era of the Software Defined Data Center Enterprise you can define software that defines software that defines software that somewhere eventually defines hardware. I’m neither kidding or being extreme. Nowhere can I find a better example of this than my EMC lab that has no EMC… Read More »

SCOM or vCOPs? VMware says: “Both!”

This year one of the main parts of my job has been to develop an offering for the VMware practice around vCenter Operations Manager. I’ve used the product extensively, know it well, and last year alone attended 22 days of training on it. So when someone where I work says “vCOPs” (btw… it’s “Vee” +”Cee” +”Ops”), they get forwarded my contact info. Lately I have found myself on client calls… Read More »

My VCAP-DCA5 Experience

I have been preparing to take VCAP-DCA5 for the past two months. Yesterday I spent 3 and a half hours understanding why I devoted that much time. During my studies I read every blog post I could find on people’s experience with the test. This was profoundly helpful. I have decided to add my name to the list. Here is what I can say… 1. Everything that everyone has already… Read More »

VCAP-DCA: More Than Just a Lab

5 days to go and the lab work has been non-stop. Last night I spent 5 hours troubleshooting distributed switches in my company lab and at the end of it I felt like I know them solid. Then last night I got a tweet from Joshua Andrew (@SOSTech_WP | Joshua offered to allow me to connect to a VCAP-DCA5 Test Track lab with 4 sets of 4 question mock… Read More »