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Optimize and Manage Virtual JVM Workloads for Performance

The Java Memory Problem Java web applications running on middleware like Apache Tomcat and RedHat JBoss have long had performance issues when running inside a virtualized guest machine. It is ironic that the cause of these performance issues is the same thing that has made Java so popular and portable, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM provides yet another layer of hardware abstraction, although not the same as a… Read More »

Install and Configure RabbitMQ Integration with vCloud Director

Defining Automation With Messaging In today’s world of distributed systems and cloud computing  independent compute nodes need to communicate with each other to enable end to end services. The process of enabling this communication is the core of automation. In the client-server model servers generally communicated with each other via messaging services like Microsoft’s Distributed Transaction Coordinator. As systems became more complex and optimized for speed the Advanced Message Queuing… Read More »