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Math for Storage Design: Part One – Performance

Introduction In the past 15 years virtualization has transitioned from a novelty to the de facto standard for data center operation. Until recently few people understood the real implications of this transition, especially in the realm of storage. We’ve seen servers go from almost all direct attached storage, to complex SAN and NAS arrays, and now back to direct attached with the trend in node based hyper-convergence technologies like VSAN.… Read More »

Publishing EMC ViPR Blueprints with vCloud Automation Center Advanced Services

One Portal To Rule Them All vCloud Automation Center’s self service portal is designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for all of your cloud provisioning needs. The ultimate goal is that the service consumer is able to execute a request for the complete end to end service that meets their business need. Imagine a scenario where the service consumer is a junior sysadmin, let’s call him Ted, wants to deploy new… Read More »

EMC Virtual Lab: VIPR, VNX, and Isilon on a Soapbox

We live in strange times. People have compared nested ESXi hosts to the movie “Inception”, but that is the tip of the iceberg. In this era of the Software Defined Data Center Enterprise you can define software that defines software that defines software that somewhere eventually defines hardware. I’m neither kidding or being extreme. Nowhere can I find a better example of this than my EMC lab that has no EMC… Read More »

Guide to PernixData FVP PowerShell Commands

In the past year PernixData has emerged on the virtual storage scene with their game changing FVP product. FVP utilizes server-side flash drives to create Flash Clusters across a series of vSphere hosts. This works in either Write Through or Write Back Mode. Servers can leverage any SSD in the Flash Cluster to off load writes and achieve a dramatic IOPS improvement. FVP also comes with a very nice plugin… Read More »

VCAP-DCA: esxcli Command List for Storage

In studying for the VCAP-DCA5 I have been using several great resources, Jason Nash’s VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale class @ Pluralsight, the #vbrownbag videos on You Tube, and The Unofficial VCAP-DCA5 Study Guide by Jason Langer and Josh Coen. One thing that I have learned is that I really need to study the esxcli command namespace and know when and how to use it. To that end I have… Read More »

Visualizing vscsiStats with RStudio

  After yesterday’s post we have gathered valuable data about VM drive activity through with the vscsiStats tool. It is time to put that data to use. The CSV file that was generated is broken down into 16 different metrics for each drive collected and reported as a Histogram. While the numbers themselves are helpful, they have a much larger impact when they are visualized. This can be easily done… Read More »

VCAP-DCA: Using vscsiStats

Properly sizing storage is one of the most important parts of any upgrade to a virtual infrastructure. There are several third party tools to do this made by EMC and others, however vSphere has a powerful tool built right into the CLI, vscsiStats. vscsiStats pulls a wealth of information about the SCSI activity of a VM and allows you to export the data to a CSV file to process with… Read More »