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VCAP-DCD Part 3: V For Victory

Introduction Last Wednesday I sat the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – Datacenter Design for a second time and this time I won. I improved my score by a little over 50 points. I had wanted to rebook as soon as possible after my first attempt, which by the rules would have 14 days. Unfortunately test center scheduling got in the way as well as a trip to Las Vegas… Read More »

VCAP-DCD Part 1: Study Resources

Introduction As I write this I have just over 48 hours before I sit the VCAP-DCD 5. I feel ready, but I am nervous. I’ve heard that the test is incredibly hard. I’ve also heard it is not that bad. I’m really not quite sure what to expect. As a blogger I feel obligated to share the resources I’ve used in my preparation. Hopefully this will help others as the… Read More »

vDynamips – Cisco IOS Hypervisor Virtual Appliance

Introduction Last week I wrote this post about using Dynamips to run Cisco IOS images as a guest in VMware ESXi. The instructions are long and could be complex for a novice sysadmin. To simplify the installation I have created a virtual appliance that is a little easier to use. The appliance can run multiple simulated IOS routers and switches. Juniper JUNOS is also supported. I have minimized the footprint,… Read More »

Networking with Virtual Cisco Routers on vSphere

Introduction When I build an environment in my lab I need it to be as close to production reality as it can be.  When I am at a client I need to be certain of how the compute, network, and storage resources are going to interact. From a compute perspective this is easy to simulate in a  lab environment. vSphere was made to do it. Things get trickier when trying to… Read More »

30 Minute Deploy Session 1: CentOS 6.5 VM Template

What It Is: The Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS) is a freely available Linux distribution that is fully binary compliant with the approximate version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This means that it is basically the same as RHEL, although there is no formal support. The fact that it is fully binary compliant makes it the perfect platform to test the many Open Source enterprise applications that are extremely popular… Read More »

Optimize and Manage Virtual JVM Workloads for Performance

The Java Memory Problem Java web applications running on middleware like Apache Tomcat and RedHat JBoss have long had performance issues when running inside a virtualized guest machine. It is ironic that the cause of these performance issues is the same thing that has made Java so popular and portable, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM provides yet another layer of hardware abstraction, although not the same as a… Read More »

Install and Configure RabbitMQ Integration with vCloud Director

Defining Automation With Messaging In today’s world of distributed systems and cloud computing  independent compute nodes need to communicate with each other to enable end to end services. The process of enabling this communication is the core of automation. In the client-server model servers generally communicated with each other via messaging services like Microsoft’s Distributed Transaction Coordinator. As systems became more complex and optimized for speed the Advanced Message Queuing… Read More »

Performance Analytics of Multiple ESXi Hosts with esxtop and MongoDB

Introduction I have been playing around with using data science and statistics tools with machine generated performance data for a little while now. I did some work using R Studio to visualize vscsiStats results and that was useful. I tried to apply the same methodology to a CSV capture from esxtop in batch-mode. This failed for a couple of reasons, however the main cause that it was too much data.… Read More »

Deploying OpenStack On vSphere with Fuel

My main project at work lately has been testing third party integration with VMware’s Cloud Management suite. vCAC and vCOPs both have great integration with a number of products and I am building a demo lab to showcase this to clients. When I heard that vCAC now supports integration with OpenStack as of 6.0 I was excited to get it working. 2 weeks ago I began my OpenStack journey. I… Read More »