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Networking with Virtual Cisco Routers on vSphere

Introduction When I build an environment in my lab I need it to be as close to production reality as it can be.  When I am at a client I need to be certain of how the compute, network, and storage resources are going to interact. From a compute perspective this is easy to simulate in a  lab environment. vSphere was made to do it. Things get trickier when trying to… Read More »

Performance Analytics of Multiple ESXi Hosts with esxtop and MongoDB

Introduction I have been playing around with using data science and statistics tools with machine generated performance data for a little while now. I did some work using R Studio to visualize vscsiStats results and that was useful. I tried to apply the same methodology to a CSV capture from esxtop in batch-mode. This failed for a couple of reasons, however the main cause that it was too much data.… Read More »