Virtual Appliances

Complete List of Virtual Appliances that have appeared in my #30vApps30Days Twitter series:

1. GNS 3 Workbench

2. OpenFiler

3. SOGo Zero Effort Groupware

4. MineOS: Minecraft Server

5. m0n0wall Firewall

6. Cisco UCS Platform Emulator

7. Hortonworks Sandbox 2

8. Opsview Core

9. Cloudera CDH 4

10. Learning Puppet vApp

11. SuseStudio Home Media Server

12. Clinker HQ SDE

13. VMware Open Stack Virtual Appliance

14. Wide Area Network Emulator

15. Kemp Loadmaster

16. EMC Isilon OneFS Virtual Node

17. EMC VNX Virtual Storage Appliance

18. VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions

19. SuseStudio MongoDB

20. SyslogAppliance

21. Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

22. Untangle Firewall

23. Plixer Scrutinizer Trial

24. EMC ScaleIO Converged Storage Appliance

25. Tervela Data Fabric

26. Novell Zenworks

27. Ultimate Deployment Appliance


29. Gitorious Community Edition

30. Quinto Labs Web Safety

3 thoughts on “Virtual Appliances

  1. Manuel Jesús Recena Soto


    My name is Manuel Recena, I work at @klicap, company behind ClinkerHQ.
    I’m glad to see our product ClinkerHQ (Software Development Ecosystem) in this list.



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