vDynamips – Cisco IOS Hypervisor Virtual Appliance

By | March 30, 2014


Last week I wrote this post about using Dynamips to run Cisco IOS images as a guest in VMware ESXi. The instructions are long and could be complex for a novice sysadmin. To simplify the installation I have created a virtual appliance that is a little easier to use.

The appliance can run multiple simulated IOS routers and switches. Juniper JUNOS is also supported.

I have minimized the footprint, set common defaults, and included several example files including  the CCIE labs from INE.

vDynamips can be downloaded here.

Note: The issue with Dropbox has been fixed and link is working.


The vDynamips appliance has the following configuration:

OS: Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS 64 bit

Packages: sshd, open-vm-tools

Applications: dynagen 0.11.0, dynamips 0.2.12

Login: cisco/cisco

eth0: dhcp

eth1,2,3 and 4 – no IP, pass through to IOS images.



Size: .94 GB Thin, 10GB Thick

Deploying the Appliance

1. Download and import the OVA file.

2. Power on the Appliance.

3. Login with cisco/cisco.

4. The appliance defaults to DHCP. If you wish to change eth0 to static edit the /etc/network/interfaces file.

5. Upload an image to /opt/dynamips/images.

6. Create a project folder. See the examples of /opt/dynamips/vmware and /opt/dynamips/internetworkingexperts.

7.Create initial.configs and .net files. See examples in the project folders.

8. Create a startup script. See the /home/cisco/startup.sh example.

Further Reading

GNS3 Documentation

CCIE Dynamips WordPress

Original Dynamips Project

List of Supported Cisco Hardware

Dynamips on GitHub

Dynagen on SourceForge

8 thoughts on “vDynamips – Cisco IOS Hypervisor Virtual Appliance

  1. Chris Lee

    Can’t deploy in my ESXi 5.5 lab. Receive following error:

    “The OVF package requires for vApps with multiple VMs.
    Details: Line 17: Unsupported element ‘VirtualSystemCollection’ “

    1. Dan Edwardson

      Ah, my mistake!
      You require v Centre running. Bette reinstall that then!

  2. ogd

    hi, was this appliance still available. the dropbox link seems to be down again. Thanks!

  3. arshad ameen

    I am using vcenter 5.1 , I was not deploy this OVF file , therefore I had to use ovftool to extract it to vmx file , but i get the error Details: Line 17: Unsupported element ‘VirtualSystemCollection’ “


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