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Publishing EMC ViPR Blueprints with vCloud Automation Center Advanced Services

One Portal To Rule Them All vCloud Automation Center’s self service portal is designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for all of your cloud provisioning needs. The ultimate goal is that the service consumer is able to execute a request for the complete end to end service that meets their business need. Imagine a scenario where the service consumer is a junior sysadmin, let’s call him Ted, wants to deploy new… Read More »

Defining The Machine Lifecycle as a Service

A Service is a powerful thing. It is the basis for all automation and orchestration. One of the hardest things I have to do in my job is define “as a Service” to people. “X as a Service” has become a huge buzzword, yet few folks actually understand what it means. The first step in automating any task is to document it as a series of one or more services. ITIL… Read More »

Integrating vCloud Automation Center and AppD with Puppet

vCloud Automation Center is a powerful and exciting tool. The ability at create and automate services is only limited by your imagination. Such a powerful tool does come with a caveat, it is complex and composed of several integrated parts. There are two tools at the heart of vCACs power, vCenter Orchestrator and vFabric App Director. vCO is the perfect tool for automating workflows from managing the machine life cycle… Read More »