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My VCAP-DCA5 Experience

I have been preparing to take VCAP-DCA5 for the past two months. Yesterday I spent 3 and a half hours understanding why I devoted that much time. During my studies I read every blog post I could find on people’s experience with the test. This was profoundly helpful. I have decided to add my name to the list. Here is what I can say… 1. Everything that everyone has already… Read More »

VCAP-DCA: More Than Just a Lab

5 days to go and the lab work has been non-stop. Last night I spent 5 hours troubleshooting distributed switches in my company lab and at the end of it I felt like I know them solid. Then last night I got a tweet from Joshua Andrew (@SOSTech_WP | Joshua offered to allow me to connect to a VCAP-DCA5 Test Track lab with 4 sets of 4 question mock… Read More »

VCAP-DCA: CLI Command List for Networking

This is the second installment of the list of CLI commands that you need to know for the VCAP-DCA5 test. Again this is not meant to explain the concepts behind the commands, for that read Jason Langer and Josh Coen’s Unoffical VCAP-DCA5 Study Guide or check out Chris Wahl’s #vbrownbag on Section 2. The purpose of this list is to be a quick reference when studying in your lab. One… Read More »

VCAP-DCA: esxcli Command List for Storage

In studying for the VCAP-DCA5 I have been using several great resources, Jason Nash’s VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale class @ Pluralsight, the #vbrownbag videos on You Tube, and The Unofficial VCAP-DCA5 Study Guide by Jason Langer and Josh Coen. One thing that I have learned is that I really need to study the esxcli command namespace and know when and how to use it. To that end I have… Read More »

VCAP-DCA: Using vscsiStats

Properly sizing storage is one of the most important parts of any upgrade to a virtual infrastructure. There are several third party tools to do this made by EMC and others, however vSphere has a powerful tool built right into the CLI, vscsiStats. vscsiStats pulls a wealth of information about the SCSI activity of a VM and allows you to export the data to a CSV file to process with… Read More »

VCAP-DCA: Storage Filters

In studying for my VCAP-DCA5 I have done almost everything in a production environment. One of the big exceptions to this is Storage Filters. Not only have I never used them, I had not heard of them until I began my studies. All Storage Filters are enabled by default. They hide LUNs that you really should not see anyway. LUNs that are already in use by a VMFS datstore, RDMs,… Read More »