IP Address in Linux

How to find your IP address in Linux - easy steps

Finding your IP address in Linux is easy. In most cases, it is displayed on your computer's network status panel.

If you're using Linux, there are a few tools you can use to find your IP address. One of them is ifconfig. Ifconfig is used to configure network interfaces so that you can see the IP address, nameserver addresses, and other information regarding your network connection.

check ip address linux

For example, if you're running an Ethernet connection on your computer and you want to know the exact IP address of your computer's Ethernet card, you can use ifconfig to find out. Another option is traceroute . Traceroute is used to trace the route taken by packets from your computer to a server. It can be used to find out whether there are any network problems along the way. Both of these options only show basic information about your network connection and not what specific IP address corresponds with your computer.